Yoga for Brain Power

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We often think about keeping our muscles and body healthy but forget about how important it is to give our brain the same treatment. As people age, we tend to lose brainpower, or we end up with so many distractions it’s hard to remember or keep track of everything, #mombrain anyone? Studies are showing that young people who did brain training activities showed better memory and brain processing speed and the tests done with older people showing they were less likely to have lost brain function and dementia. There are tons of apps out there that help you to “exercise” your brain, but, yoga is also a great way to build up brain power without the use of technology. Here are a few poses to help increase your brain strength:

  • Lotus pose is the pose everyone thinks of when they think of yoga. An image of a yogi sitting with his/her legs crossed with their pointer fingers and thumbs touching to make a circle. It’s more than just the stereotypical yoga pose; it is a meditative pose that helps to calm the brain and activates the chakras in your body and awakens you.
  • Inversion poses are also great for calming the brain. If you feel like your mind is in a million different places and you can’t remember anything, try doing a headstand or handstand. If you’re like me and inversions aren’t a part of your practice, you can do child’s pose by kneeling on your mat with your big toes touching and lean forward with your hands out in front of you, heart pushed towards the ground. Or, downward facing dog by pushing your hips up in the air out of plank pose. Both poses will have the same effect as an inversion.
  • Balance Poses are also a good way to improve your brainpower because you must focus on staying still. Tree pose is one of my favorites, and you can perform tree pose by starting in mountain pose. Then step back with your left foot and lifting your hands straight up in the air and balance on your right foot. Lift the left leg in the air and move your torso forward, so you are looking at the ground.
  • Vajrasana is another basic yoga pose that is great for brain strength. To perform this pose, you must first kneel on the floor. Place your palms on your knees and keep your spine straight. Keep your eyes closed. This pose helps to improve your memory capability and concentration level.

Working our brain is just as important as working the other muscles in our body. It’ll take some time and discipline, but you won’t regret it! Doing brain training exercises is not a strong point of mind, but it’s something I’d really like to work on and pursue in the future. If you do try any of these poses to build brainpower in the least bit, you got something of a workout or stretch in. Good luck in all your brain training!

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